Wicketer Side Seal Machine


Technical Details

  • Model : VELOSS 800SW Wicketer side seal machine
  • Width : 800mm
  • Length : 350mm to 700mm
  • Speed : 250 strokes/min


  • Suitable side sealing .HDPE,LDPE,CPP,OPP
  • The head control panel adopts Taiwan review 5.7” multi-coloured touch human-computer interface real-time display.
  • The drive system of whole machine adopt PLC control Japan-Panasonic
  • Feeding material adopts servo motor from Japanese yaskawa, power 4.4KW (the whole model is two axles synchronous drag material)
  • Main motor is 1.5KW inverter motor with brake, and be with 1.5KW inverter use yaskawa from Japan.
  • The take-up of back feeding is 0.75kw 3phases asynchronous motor with 0.75kw inverter used YASKAWA FROM JAPAN
  • Heating adopts double-digital display temperature controller
  • All of the pneumatic unit and cylinders adopt Shako from Taiwan with bottom gusset device, simple to operate Automatic collect waste film of punch automatic static eliminator device
  • EPC control system from folding, rewinding and hole puncher.