Bottom Seal Machines: Types of Machines and Uses

The base or ground of anything should be strong enough to hold the desired weight. And carry bags are no exception. Probably that’s why carry bag manufacturers these days are installing hi-tech bottom seal bag making machines.

The bottom seal machine ensures that the base or bottom of a carry bag is sealed properly and has enough strength to hold the weight of the material put in it.

Although there are many manufacturers in the market offering bottom seal bag making machines, there are a selected few who have the most advanced technology and a global footprint like Vishva Exim Pvt Ltd.

Let us look at the different types of bottom seal machines offered by the company:

1. Flying Knife Bottom Seal Machine

This user-friendly flying knife bottom seal machine, available in different models (VELOS 800FB | VELOS 1070FB | VELOS 1250FB | VELOS 1430FB), can handle materials like LDPE and HDPE.

It can make up to 3m long and 1.5m wide bags. Equipped with a sealing bar, this machine can handle up to 500 microns, including Gussets.

  • Specially designed to make printed/unprinted linear and industrial packing bags
  • Cutting is done by a surgical knife
  • Fitted with two servos, one on the index and the other on the cutter
  • A 3 servo high-speed machine with flying knife-edge cutting
  • Servo for sealing unit ensuring better sealing and higher productivity
  • Capability of processing of higher thickness films

Technical Specs – Range
Bag Width: 700 to 1300 mm
Bag Length: 200 to 3000 mm
Thickness: 20 to 500 microns
Speed: 100 to 120 strokes/min

2. T-Shirt Bag Making Machine

This high-speed, fully automated, t-shirt bag making machine comes in single and double-lane models. Along with an upgraded punching unit, this machine has a hydraulic lift unwind unit to make loading rolls more accessible. This completely servo-driven machine is backed by international standard brands.

Designed with sealing bar for easy cleaning and maintenance

Optional auto stacker for easy operation and collection of bags

Technical Specs – Range
Bag Width: 150 to 500 mm
Bag Length: 350 to 600 mm
Thickness: 10 to 50 microns
Film Thickness: 10 to 50 microns
Lanes: up to 2 lane printing
Speed: 250 strokes/min

3. Multi-lane T-Shirt Bag Making Machine

This hi-tech machine comes with multi-lane t-shirt bag making capability. This sturdy machine comes with an auto punching feature and a four-lane production capacity. It has been designed to achieve enhanced efficiency in production with great speed.

  • Each unwinder comprises an inbuilt separate motor VFD
  • Enables a cold sheer cutting
  • Makes t-shirt bags and bags with auto D punch

Technical Specs – Range
Bag Width: 600 to 1000 mm
Bag Length: 200 to 700 mm
Thickness: 10 to 60 microns
Film Thickness: 10 to 50 microns
Speed: 120 strokes/min

If you are looking to start your bag manufacturing business or are already a bag manufacturer looking to upgrade your infrastructure, you can connect with Vishva Exim Pvt Ltd. – one of India’s leading manufacturers & exporters of plastic processing machinery. The company has exported its bag making machines to over 42 countries with over 1000+ installations.

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