Key Factors to Upgrade Your Old Plastic Bag Making Machine

The conundrum faced by many business owners is whether to upgrade their Plastic Bag Making Machine or not. Multiple aspects need to be taken into consideration in order to come to a calculated decision. This blog entry aims to explore these factors.

1. Lesser output compared to the newer and faster machines with newer technology

A prime factor that producers of plastic bags and flexible packaging should consider is the benefit of higher output gained from using newer machinery.

The newer machinery will tend to have technological updates which make them more efficient. Due to these technical updates, new machines may offer higher speeds which can augment the overall output generated, for example the newer side seal machines / side weld machines may have a speed of 350 cycles or so. This compared to their older counterparts is an upgrade for the manufacturing firm and means more production output.

2. Are you concerned about the image of your brand? New equipment will give you a more professional one and help to build customer confidence

For manufacturing firms their production capabilities are a major factor when it comes to attracting clients and getting orders. A production facility for example with an older center seal pouch making machine is less impressive when compared to one with newer equipment.

Investing in new plastic bag making machinery can not only be beneficial when it comes to production output, as seen in the point made earlier, but also help in marketing and promotional purposes. Essentially, it can augment the brand image and build a greater confidence amongst customers. This could result in higher order inflows.

3. Fewer chances of the newer machines breaking down in comparison to older machinery

A new bottom seal machine / bottom weld machine is less suspect to a breakdown in comparison. This is simply because of the age of the parts used. Older parts go through wear and tear through their life span making them less efficient over time. The wear and tear can in turn cause breakdowns, these only exacerbate as the machine gets older.

Hence, gradual and steady investment in newer machinery in the current production line can help counter this issue. The new machines come with new parts and also are covered with warranty which can reduce service-related costs.

It is true that even newer machinery can breakdown and can have issues but when made with quality parts, quality design and high fitting standards can mitigate the issue of breakdowns in a production line.

Final Words

Based on these points we believe that a steady investment in newer machinery can be beneficial to firms in the long-run. It is understandable that the upfront cost can be somewhat steep but in the long run it can help generate a faster ROI due to the aforementioned factors.

However, it is important to find a correct blend of pricing and quality when shopping for new equipment.

This is where one can consider machinery from Vishva Exim. We understand the producers needs and strive to create a proper balance between pricing and quality.

For more information on our plastic and paper bag and pouch makers you can contact us here.

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