Velos – Courier / Security Bag Making Machine

Vishva exim proudly introduces its velos range of courier / security / mailer bag making machine.

This particular machine is furnish to make special bags like

Courier bags – e-commerce bags, postal bags, currency bags,

Mailer bags – mailing documents, dhl bags, fedex bags

Security bags – bank documents, government documents.

This is a machine to make high accurate bags for the sensitive industries.

This machine can make different type of courier bags / security bags / mailer bags.

The machine is equipped to make bags with pocket and wthout pocket.

The manufacturer can also place temperproof tape on the bag or hot glue tape. Both the options are at the manufacturers disposal.

The machine can run different materials like  hdpe, ldpe, lldpe etc.

The machine is designed in a way that the operator running the machine has easy of working on the machine, the setting and job change over are very easy and takes least amount of time.

Technical Details

LENGTH100 TO 550200 TO 750100 TO 950
WIDTH 100 TO 600100 TO 600100 TO 700
SPEED150 Strokes/Min120 Strokes/Min100 Strokes/Min

Special features

  • Special heavy duty design unwinder with Floor lifting for heavy rolls, Auto tension control and Edge positioning system
  • Pocket film unwinder unit and hot air sealing unit
  • Triangle folder unit
  • Tape applicator / hot gluing system

Auto stacker ( conveyor )

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