Flying Knife Bottom Seal Bag Machine With Spine Seal

This Flying Knife Bag Making Machine is a specialised Bottom Seal Machine/ Bottom Weld Machine which can make up to 3-meter-long bags and up to 1.5-meter-wide bags. The specialised sealing bar can handle up to 500 microns including gusset. The machine is equipped with a specialised Spine Seal attachment. The bags made on the machine are used for packing Pet Food, Rice, Grains and more.

Technical Details
Model VELOS 1250FB
Bag Width (mm) 700 - 1150
Bag Length (mm) 300-800
Speed (cycles/min) 60
Thickness (microns) 80- 250
Connected Load Basic M/C (KW) 14
Air Supply (Ltr/Min) 1200