Wicketer Side Seal Machine

This High Speed Wicket Bag Making Machines is made with a focus on engineering ingenuity, high quality production standards and international standard components to consistently achieve production at high speeds.

The Wicketer Side Seal Machine is primarily used for the high-volume manufacturing of bread bags, diaper bags, toilet paper roll bags, sanitary napkin bags and other similar products. These machines have a high amount of precision since the bags they produce are directly fed into automated filling machines.

These machines are equipped with take-up wheels instead of conventional conveyors. The take-up wheel stacks the bags on needles and the needles are directly kept on the automatic filling machines. These are extremely fast machines capable of meeting high production demands. The basic machine comes with the capability to work with a set of add on attachments for converting a wide range of bags with wicket punches.

Technical Details
Model VELOS 630W VELOS 800W
Web Width Max Before Fold 1250 1500
Web Width Min Before Fold 410 410
Bag Width Max 400 400
Bag Width Min 150 150
Bag Length Max 6000 750
Bag Length Min 200 200
Gusset Depth Max 75 75
Gusset Depth Min 25 25
Speed (Cycles/Min) 300 250
Vaccum Arms 16”(410)/ 24” (600) 16”(410)/ 24”(600)
Pin Stacker 3 +1 3 +1
Connected Load Basic M/C (KW) 28 KW 30 KW
Film Processing Data (Microns) Max/Min Max/Min
HDPE 50/20 50/20
LDPE/LLDPE 60/25 60/25
CPP 60/25 60/25
Max Film Diameter on Unwimd 1000mm diameter 1000mm diameter
Technical Data
Unwinder 2 HP AC
Edge Guide on Unwinder Electronically Controlled
Secondary Edge Guide on FFD Electronically Controlled
Dancer Pneumatic
Main Machine
Nip Drive AC Motor
Tail Feed Servo Feed
Dancer Pneumatic
Wicket Hole Pneumatic with EPC
Film Index Drive Servo Drive
Cranking (Dwell Time) Servo Drive
Windmill, Conveyor and Stacker
Conveyor Drive AC Motor
Windmill Arms Servo Drive
Pin Stacker Servo Drive and EPC