Security Courier Bag Machine

This Security and Courier Bag Making Machine / Mailer Bag Making Machine is made with a focus on engineering ingenuity, high quality production standards and international standard components to consistently achieve production at high speeds.

The machine is developed to convert film into Special Security Purpose Bags for the Banking Industry, E-Commerce Industry and for Examination Centers. This machine is fully automatic and has an automated glue unit for tape and a continuous sealer for attaching the POD film. It is a high-performance machine that makes highly accurate sized bags for sectors that are dimension sensitive. Equipped with Multiple Servo-motors; this machine proves to be an idea instrument of precision.

Technical Details
Model VELOS 840SC
Bag Length (mm) 250- 750
Bag Width (mm) 100- 600
Speed (cycles/min) 180
Thickness (microns) 40- 100
Connected Load Basic M/C (Kw) 15
Air Supply ( Ltr/Min) 500