Center Seal Pouch Machine

This machine is made with a focus on engineering ingenuity, high quality production standards and international standard components to consistently achieve high production speeds.

This is a specialised biryani pouch machine designed to convert laminated film to fin seal pouches. These machines are compact workhorses which operate consistently at high speeds to achieve production in scale.

The pouch machine is suited for large scale dedicated jobs. It can be equipped with attachments such a Side Gusset, Hole Punches, Euro Punches and more.

Technical Details
Model VELOS 330CP
Bag Width (mm) 75 – 300
Bag Length (mm) 25 – 400
Speed (cycles/min) 250
Thickness (microns) 30 to 80 Microns
Connected Load Basic M/C (KW) 10
Air Supply (Ltr/Min) 250