Multi Sevro Flying Knife Machine

This Flying Knife Bag Making Machine is a specialised Bottom Seal Machine/ Bottom Weld Machine which can make up to 3-meter-long bags and up to 1.5-meter-wide bags. The specialised sealing bar can handle up to 500 microns including gusset.

This machine is made with a focus on engineering ingenuity, high quality production standards and international standard components to consistently achieve production at high speeds. The Multi Servo design enables the machine to achieve high speeds and high precision. The bags made on the machine are linear bags, industrial packaging bags and more for various applications.

Technical Details
Model VELOS 1250FB VELOS 1430FB
Bag Width (mm) 400 - 1150 400 - 1400
Bag Length (mm) 200-2500 200-3000
Speed (cycles/min) 150 130
Thickness (microns) 20- 250 20- 250
Connected Load Basic M/C (KW) 12 14
Air Supply (Ltr/Min) 1200 1200