Bottom Sealing Machine

We are a comprehensive as well as a leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Plastic Bag Making Machines and Plastic Pouch Making Machines. Our company sets the bar in this industry with its wide and vibrant selection of Bottom-sealing line machines. It stands out because of the excellent functionality it incorporates, numerous features and innovative design, smooth operation and reliability.

We are reliable & trustworthy manufacturers of the range of bottom seal lines. Our machines give remarkable output because of their indispensable speed. The machines are designed with an emphasis on engineering ingenuity, high production standards, and international standards to achieve production at high rates.

The salient features of our Bottom Seal Line are :

  • -Most trustworthy & reliable
  • -High Speed
  • -Highly Durable
  • -Uniquely Designed
  • -Cost Efficient

The variants of the Bottom Seal Line are mentioned below:-

  • -High-Speed Flying Knife Bottom Seal Bag Machine:This machine can be used in the applications of making linear bags, industrial packaging bags and many more.
This is a 5 Servo Machine with Servos in Tail Feed, Gripper, Draw Roller, Cutting Knife, and Sealer
  • -Flying Knife Bottom Seal Bag Machine:This bottom seal bag machine can be installed to manufacture linear bags, industrial packaging bags and many more.
  • -Flying Knife Bottom Seal Bag Machine with Spine Seal:This machine caters to the application of making bags used for packing Pet Food, Rice, Grains and more.
  • We are glad that our machines are installed and in operation in countries like the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru and more.
  • These bottom seal lines are specialized because of their excellent specifications.

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