This year’s K-Show was phenomenal. Overall, it was an incredible experience to see the ground-breaking innovations & developments. We are glad to represent & showcase Vishva Machinery among the 224,000 distinguished visitors from 169 nations.

Our live demonstration of the machine’s ongoing production process was a virtual conversation between a man and a machine. The on-the-spot purchase of our machine High-Speed Flying Knife Bottom Seal Bag Machine by a North African client exemplifies the event’s exceptional success. Our attendees piqued their interest in our wide range of machines, their intriguing developments, and the technologies we implement in our machines. They received a brief introduction and technical details about the machines through our live demonstration. A reliable discussion of the technical details provided them with reliable information about the selection of machines we offer in the market.

The majority of the visitors were from South America, and thanks to our multilingual staff, they had a lot of interesting experiences and positive feedback. Our team’s good exposure to Spanish helped us overcome the language barrier and communicate with our international representatives and agents. The exciting format of the event was not only limited to the developments & innovations of the plastic & rubber industries but also discussion about how the future can be shaped with plastic. It was an open stage to discuss prevailing hot topics about sustainability, climate protection, digitalization, health & the environment. However, it was also concerned with how we could offer much better machines in the market. The best ways to create solutions for future generations were also discussed. It was an insightful conversation about how to discover new perspectives & think beyond the limit.

After considering the entire course of the event, we are happy to have reached the decision to implement a great holistic approach. It includes top-notch services for the local clientele as well as effective marketing tactics. We intend to expand our range of machines in light of recent advancements in the plastic and rubber industries. This event was a genuine global communicator for a lively discussion of subjects important to the sector. It has always been an inspirational platform for us!

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