Latin America Expansion and Success

  • About how we have representation in all of the South American countries.
  • How do we have local service and spares available.
  • Installation of 4 machines in FY 22/23 already (550S side seal, 1040S side seal, 403CP center seal, 415CPTSP 3station).
  • Multilingual sales team with Spanish speakers, machine-related explanation in Spanish.
  • Machine operations in Spanish for ease of use.
  • Provide good after-sales service even in America.

We strive to grow our business while also expanding our global footprint. Our journey started in African countries and continued to many other parts of the world. For us, success is delivering our innovations & engineering solutions with flawless features. Taking small steps forward helps you reach your customer’s expectations. We began this year by expanding our presence in Latin American countries. We are glad that our four machines were installed there during this fiscal year.

  • – The versatile VELOS 550S Side Seal machine is specifically designed for small bags, operating at 350 cycles per minute with PP material and a 30mm length.
  • – The robust VELOS 1040S, is a multi-purpose side sealing machine runs perfectly for various materials and sizes. The speed committed for various materials and sizes varies from each other.
  • – The mighty VELOS 403CP Centre Seal pouch Fin & Lap sealing type runs at a speed of 100 to 150 cycles/min for a 40 mm BOPP pouch with side gusset.
  • – 415CPTSP, this versatile Center & Three Side Seal Pouch Maker has three stations and is equipped with various attachments to make Pouches with K Seal, Side Gusset, and hole.
Quick after-sales service

The purchase of the machine does not mark the end of our relationship with our customers. Customer satisfaction and retention are critical to us. We stand by their side to resolve any machine-related issues. Our local customer service representatives are expert engineers who can quickly resolve technical issues.

Spares stock is easily available

Spare parts are critical components of a machine. Consider the following scenario: you imported a machine; between intervals, there are some issues or human intervention in damage to machinery; a quick replacement becomes critical, but it was IMPORTED. The procedure does become lengthy, but what if spare parts are readily available? So, your problem is easily solved. We make spare parts for our machinery readily available.

Breaking out linguistic barriers

The most significant barrier to global product expansion is language. Our machines are pre-programmed in Spanish. To make it more user-friendly, the parameters set inside are also in Spanish. If a problem persists, we remove every impediment coming in the way of our customers. Our representatives are multilingual experts who can answer all of your sales queries. They explain everything about the machine in the language preferred by the customer.

Happy customers

Our customers are our foremost priority their satisfaction, response, and reviews matter to us a lot. To reduce their level of issues related to machines we try to consider every aspect they are likely or might face in the future.

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