Plastic Saving The World In This Pandemic Covid-19

Before the 2020 year started Plastic was considered to be the most destroying material for the environment. Countries started banning single use plastic. Environmentalists were cursing plastics in all ways.

Then came 2020. The year of CORONA VIRUS (covid-19) where Pandemic has shaken the world to its core. The CORONA VIRUS outbreak, however, has changed the calculus. Covid-19 is forcing us to redebate our plastic problem.

Skyrocketing figures of Covid-19 cases and immense pressure on healthcare systems has made everyone understand that plastic is still the most reliable and affordable solution for individual protection.

Plastic has proved to be the saviour is safeguarding our family, friends, doctors, frontline workers and everyone else. It has proven to be the backbone of Medical equipment.

Single Use Plastics Are The Highest Used Items At The Moment.

  • Grocery bags
  • Hand gloves
  • Masks
  • Body kits for doctors and frontline workers

This was only possible due to plastics and its affordability. Plastics are indispensable in this pandemic. So we as a society has a moral duty to not throw away these single use plastic in the environment.

We need to recycle single use plastic as much as possible, because after the pandemic is over the environment will be more polluted with these plastic and the government might ban it again

So the ultimate solution to mostly every problem is recycling all the single use plastic we use..If we depict the scenario of PLASTIC, it shows us a vicious circle which flows as below.

Humans throw single use plastic carelessly — it pollutes the environment– government bans plastics – then after Plastics need to be used once more as there is no other alternative found yet — so we start the use of plastic again.

For closure humans and environment are at a huge loss, if this wastage continues.

Plastic is and always be the best option if one knows how to use it wisely. Plastic requires positive change as tables have turned and cleared the picture again that PLASTIC LITERALLY HAS NO ALTERNATIVE.



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