Compact Standup Pouch-Making Machine

Packaging has become incredibly important in today’s fiercely competitive market. Numerous industries worldwide rely on quality packaging pouches for the preservation and transport of their products in a safe manner. The overall aesthetic and quality standards of a product are ensured by good packaging. The manufacturing process industries require robust pouch-making machines to fulfill their packaging needs in terms of quality as well as quantity. Pouches come in various materials, shapes, sizes, and designs depending on the product packed inside or the end user industry. Some of the most versatile and cutting-edge pouch bag-making machines are manufactured in the premises of Vishva Machinery.

Why consider our Compact Standup Pouch Making Machine?

Vishva Machinery is a renowned manufacturer of Standup Pouch Making Machines. The Compact Standup Pouch Maker is manufactured to convert laminated films into three side seal pouches and standup pouches. Now the reasons why to consider our Compact Standup Pouch Making Machine are enlisted below:-

  • Achieving equilibrium between machine cost and performance:
    -High-speed, excellent-quality output from a cost-efficient and reliable machine.
  • Compact Design:
    -Our compact design gives a machine an efficient factory floor footprint. The compact design makes the machine attractive in regards to the price-quality combination.
  • Global support and high-quality products:
    -High-performance machines which can be operated anywhere in the world having diverse working conditions.
  • After-sale assistance, service & support:
    -The sale of the machine does not mark the end of our relationship with the customers. Instead, we consider keeping in touch with them all through; facilitating assistance, service, and support after the sales
Machine Performance

We offer VELOS 420 SP mode with below specifications:-

Model VELOS 420SP
Pouch Length (mm) 75 – 410
Pouch Width (mm) 100 – 400
Speed (cycles/min) 150
Thickness (microns) 40 to 150 Microns
Connected Load Basic M/C (KW) 35

We are a reliable & trusted manufacturer of Compact Standup Pouch machines. Consistently striving to expand our global footprints. We’re glad that our machines are installed and in operation in countries like the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru and more.

Opt for this outstanding Compact Standup Pouch machine, which is capable of delivering higher output. It is equipped with the latest features and fulfills international standards. To learn more details about our powerful and robust machines, you can.

To learn more details about our powerful and robust machines, you can.
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