• The packaging industry has changed and evolved with time; looking at the increasing competition and quantification in the e-commerce industry.

In most cases buyers make purchasing decisions based on the look and feel of the outer packaging. Quality pouch and packaging is critical in the competitive shelf, influencing consumer product selection. For every product, its buying decision is influenced by a soulful and secure packaging.

In India, the packaging industries played a vital role in supporting the e-commerce and offline stores in recent years. We at Vishva Machinery deliver sophisticated Stand Up Pouch Making Machines with cutting-edge technology and adhere to international quality standards.Today, we are one of the leading manufacturers of Stand Up Pouch Making Machines for Seal Pouch Making. Our main aim has always been to manufacture machines that are Operator Friendly. We discovered throughout the years that OPERATOR FRIENDLY Pouch Making Machines are needed to deliver the humongous demand from various FMCG as well as Food & Beverages industries. The demand for good quality seal pouch has surged due to increasing online stores and quality level also has to be kept optimum looking at the conditions these packages have to go through during logistics.

Standup Pouch Making Machine or commonly known as Doypack Pouch Making Machine is specially articulated with engineering ingenuity, high-quality production standards, and maximum output at high rates. It can work with laminated materials such as PE-PET/PE, PET/ALU/PE-PA/PE-PP, and others. What makes our Standup Pouch Making Machine / Doypack Pouch Making Machine exceptional?

Well, the exceptional features like,

  • 3 Index Servo Motors with 2 Sealing Zones provide better control over film tension.
  • Elevated Film Folding Device to achieve wrinkle-free folding of Nylon, Heavy Micron ALLUFOIL/ Paper Film.
  • 3 Transverse Sealing Station and one Cooling Station to get perfect sealing in higher micron films.
  • 1 Zip Squeezing Module with LH and RH Station- Can set in Transverse Direction during job setting.
  • All long seal and transverse seal stations are also very easy to set in Transverse Direction during job setting.
  • Shearing assembly is also adjustable in the machine direction to precisely set cutting and for a quick job setting also while the machine is running.
  • Courier bags or e-commerce bags.
  • Long Sealing station length is 600mm to get perfect sealing for up to 300mm Standup pouches.
  • Long Cooling Station is 600mm long to achieve the perfect appearance for the Standup Pouch.

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