Velos – 415pm Center Seal & 3 Side Seal Combination Pouch Making Machine (Mechanical Pouch Maker)

Velos – 415pm center seal & 3 side seal combination pouch making machine (mechanical pouch maker).

Now a days using pneumatics on machines increases the production cost of pouches, and even the maintaince of pneumatics cylinders, valves, air compressor etc. To decrease the production cost and mainataince cost, vishva exim introduces its mechanical pouch maker range.

The machine’s sealing and cooling stations work on linear motion with the help of ac geared motor.

Compact designed machine to reduce space requirement.

Easy job settings

Single station sealing assembly for center seal and 3 side seal jobs

Runs at a high speed of 150 pouches/min

Special Features
  • Unwinder with EPC system
  • Double unwinder to run two films to make one pouch
  • Triangle folder unit
  • Forming station for center seal FIN SEAL / LAP SEAL pouches
  • All internationally renowned electronic brands used in the machine
  • Forming station for center seal FIN SEAL / LAP SEAL pouches
  • Side gusseting system
  • Cooling station to have a strong and good seal
  • Auto stacker ( conveyor )
Options on the machine
  • Knurling
  • Euro punch
  • Hole punch
  • D – cut punch
  • Multiple servo system to maintain the tension on the film

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