Wicketer Side Seal with Zipper

We at Vishva Machinery bring machines with the right blend of innovation & quality. Delivering our customers the best value by providing them with the highest-quality products and devoted services. We provide solutions and design the machines with the perspective of engineering ingenuity by adhering to international standards. We are the leading manufacturers & exporters of Best Quality Plastic Bag Making Machines and Plastic Pouch Making Machines.

A smart machine is the one that is reliable & dynamic, our highly efficient Wicketer Side Seal Machine can change speed up to 300 bags per minute (with an zipper attachment 150 bags) and works with LDPE, HDPE and cPP polymers. It is a vital machine operated in high-volume industries like the manufacturing of bread bags, diaper bags, toilet paper roll bags, sanitary napkin bags and other similar products.

Now, why one should consider this? Wicketer Side Seal Machine with an attachment zipper for their industrial unit. Zip-locking or a zipper keeps the contents safe for a long time. The products can be safely sealed off with a seal that prevents contamination or spillage. It is an environmentally friendly choice that enables repackaging. These bags can be opened and closed several times without losing their locking ability.

This High-Speed Wicket Bag Making Machine is a robust machine known for its high-speed production rate. It guarantees a high level of process parameter control, ensuring quick reproducibility without sacrificing product quality.

Our Wicketer Side Seal Machine stands out as exceptional due to its impeccable features and compliance with international standards. For more information on our mighty machine, Wicketer Side Seal Machine with Zipper or Wicket Bag Machine.

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